Post, get likes, shares, comments, host legal and encrypted adult content on your unused harddisk space, EARN LEONS for all and for more:


LEONS is the official asset based on ETHEREUM, ERC20 token, for the whole LEONS Ecosystem, intended to be transparent, open and one of the most advanced system around. A single Cryptocurrency asset for the adult entertainment world for payments on the blockchain.

The Ecosystem consist of a digital platform called Leon´s World which has many other Apps and DApps. The system also has many other exclusive sites and ideas, like IbizaRox, KingOfMallorca and plenty of exclusive adult sites, already operational that offer tons of premium content.


1 Million EXTRA LEONS for the TOP 10 Investors of the First 1 Million Invested!

Bounty Program

To view your LEONS:

Address: 0xc9ED79Bd9312538DcCB7D0FDBC139D35F2065E20

Token Symbol: LEONS

Decimals: 18

Check FAQ if you need more help

WHITE PAPER is here, updated frequently

Party is On


To invest and buy LEONS IMMEDIATELY, please send your ETH to the above address of LEONS ICO Ethereum smart contract. * We recommend gas of 150,000. You will receive your LEONS immediately.


Minimum Sale amount 0.1 ETH - Maximum Sale amount 350 ETH

  • During PRE-ICO
    1 ETH = 1300 LEONS
  • During ICO
    1 ETH = 1000 LEONS
  • After ICO
    1 ETH = 300 LEONS
  • # 0.1 to 0.49 ETH 10%
  • # 0.5 to 0.99 ETH 25%
  • # 1 to 4.99 ETH 35% + LEON´S ANGELS 2018 DVD (4 Hours Exclusive) + 3 Clips of LEONS
  • # 5 to 9.99 ETH 45% + LEON´S ANGELS 2018 DVD (4 Hours Exclusive) + 18 Clips of LEONS
  • # 10+ ETH 65% + LEON´S ANGELS 2018 DVD (4 Hours Exclusive) + 36 Clips of LEONS

NOTE: DO NOT send ETH (Ether) form any of exchanges (such as Coinbase, Kraken, Polioniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, and any others). Send ETH only from your own wallets! We recommend to use MyEtherWallet: https://myetherwallet.com. You also can use other wallets, as Mist, MetaMask, Parity, Ethereum Wallet, imToken, and other ERC-20 compatible.

Rollovers, chargebacks, high commissions and third-party fees are all-too-common. Hosting costs a fortune, middleman usually takes a huge percentage and it’s nearly impossible for real genuine amateurs or small companies to host or make money off porn.

Not only that: There is no anonymity or real privacy for the user. There is no involvement of real persons (user´s) or use of their original ideas.

Quality for amateur and genuine content remains low while the free porn invading the net and high quality materials only come from big distributors which roll out the same style movies and clips you’ve been watching for years.

We are going places where other producers and directors don’t.


LEONS opens the gates of adult entertainment to the masses to give them power over content like never before.



Enter a whole new word of endless peer-to-peer connectivity, where you’re anonymous and free to explore the community-driven, unique ecosystem while getting tokens as rewards.

Your own Unicorn

Explore the ISLAND (www.theisland.live) with your very own and one-of-a-kind Unicorn – a unique ERC-721 token, which can be upgraded, bred, changed, trained and traded to further enhance your experience in this fantasy world (www.unicornia.com).

The MOON (Live!)

Immerse further in Leon’s Coin world with a segment of the MOON (www.moon.live) you can view in real-time as well as rent out, customize, buy and sell.


Explore the ISLAND – the central point of Leon`s Token world, where everything is possible and there are no limits to how much fun you can have or how far you can go.

Leon`s WORLD

All Leon Sites - Join a vibrant world of endless possibilities, where you get rewards and exciting adventure for sharing, contributing, exploring, accessingand taking part in all activities, threads and communities on the ISLAND.

Buy / Sell / Trade

Buy, sell, trade and manage your hard-earned Leon`s Tokens through the web-based wallet and integrated system.

"..one of the most innovative, exciting and interesting idea since the blockchain itself.."



Unique, fast, private and full of new ideas, implementations and more. #

  • # Love conquers all.

    And blockchain is the road to success with Ethereum Smart Contracts, enforced revenue sharing, and mining for the content not for the asset itself.

  • # Peer-to-Peer: A happy panda and its stash

    nteract directly with the BLOCKCHAIN with P2P deliverance, and unlimited options for content sharing.

  • # A Blockchain Happy Ending

    Free, open source, client-centric interface with add ons support for an open "modular" world, all with various anonymous assets. #

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What are LEONS / Leon´s Coin / LEONS COINS? #

LEONS are the utility tokens that will power the creation, development and growth of LEONS Ecosystem, including LEONS.WORLD #, UNICORNIA #, MOON.LIVE # , The ISLAND # and all its parts and places, Software Parts, Modes and all related platforms which are developing, planned and implementing.

Adult industry is over 100 Billion Dollars big and it makes more money than the Major League Baseball # , The NFL # and The NBA # combined. LEONS has a solid background, a strong team, powered with many big partnerships already and all seems bright for the future.

We believe strongly with growth of the ecosystem and implementing the platform innate value of LEONS will grow as the use of it gets more traction - thereby increasing its value in a second mechanism, too.

We are in contact with Exchanges to make LEONS listed as soon as possible.

  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #
  • #

More information, questions / answers www.leonscoin.com/faq.pdf.

Join LEONS Telegram # Group : www.t.me/LeonsCoinOfficial.

Media Kit is here: www.leonscoin.com/mediakit.pdf.

LEONS featured on:
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  • #
stroker-edge mygirlplays edge-play edgetease edgingvideo besttwerk besttwerk queenofmallorca boobz precum precumchallenge precumme precumisKing precumHero precum twerk-vr gameofcum gameofprecum gameofprecums gameofcums pornisboring leonspanda leonscoin leonlambert kingofmallorca kingofmajorca queenofmajorca vr-twerk backstagecamera welovecameltoes twerk.tv babeschallenge leonlambert leonlambert myonlygirlfriend nopanties my2girlfriends my3girlfriends my4girlfriends myallgirlfriends myallgirlfriends pearltangas partygirlfan leonswindow leonlambert.com/facebook leonlambert.com/twitter leonlambert.com/youtube leonlambert.com/instagram leonscar hottestwerk ibizarox leonlambertselections leonsangels leonspartners slowtwerk slowmotiontwerk pearltangas leons.world theisland.live theisland.live leons.world

First things, first:


First things, first:

# #

# will be used as official asset of the island


That means all Leon Sites will support and use LEONS already.

the island the island Leons World

From small beginnings

come great things.


The Space Center is where you come to get far far away with your date and embark on an inter-galactic adventure of the senses.


The Lighthouse is the top active, top rated, top Token owners`, trending people`s Top Place to be! Celebrities of the Island can be seen and interacted with here. Updates daily.


The distant part of the WORLD hides a private house with full of rooms which have many surprises.


The HIDDEN part of Leon`s WORLD`s, where you can access private parties and have the time of your life!


The Unicorn Stable and Trade Center where you can buy / sell items for your unicorn to level up, make it stronger, faster, bigger and better!

1 #

THE STARTING POINT s where everyone who registers anonymously starts from. There a few things you need to do before proceeding: adjust your settings, fill in your profile information, select items, and choose your skills before proceeding to the ISLAND.

Here you choose, arrange your settings, profile, and whatever skills to have to land the island, first.


The place for the latest news about The ISLAND mobile app, app itself and other software updates. Check out the FAQ and get live help from community members to get started.


The one place on the island that holds more promise than anywhere else. You have been places and seen things, but nothing can prepare you for what you are about to find here.


The Black forest can be an attractive and a dangerous place.Here you may strike up new friendships and embark on new adventures. .and maybe bump into some interesting animals, and benefit from them..


Everybody on the island has their individual UNICORN. You use it to travel everywhere easily and almost instantly. They are chosen after the starting point at level 1, as baby unicorns, and immediately start producing rewards by themselves thanks to unicorn magic (higher levels generate more coins). They also have fighting abilities, which you can test on the arena to level up your unicorn and earn more coins in battles.


The statue of LEONS, has a lot of benefits like charisma and motivation leveling, as well as karma for everyone who visits it, with daily updates.


Leon's Officeis where the deals on the island go down. Have an interesting proposition? Looking to partner or invest to further the development of Leon's ECOSYSTEM? Book an appointment and let's hear your idea. But be prepared to wait because everyone wants a meeting with Leon. It's why he uses that cute baby Penguin to distract all unwanted visitors.


Being on the island brings you rewards every day just by stopping by, and checking the recommendations from the island bots (dinopops).. (This is like a fight arena because nobody likes pop ups even though they are main and International Karate rules.)


This is where adventure awaits you.


The TENT is where you come to get away from it all, collect your thoughts, meditate and reconnect with the world outside.


DEV`S DOME. This is the Developers` Area, where users can find and access the latest news, polls, open source codes, and development related things: Donations are permitted and much appreciated...


The Cinema L`Vie and the Shopping Center are your designated spaces for “Things You May Need”


THE OVERSEERS of the island. Miners / Masons, who see content first and approve it have a special place on the ISLAND, here.


The BLOCKCHAIN GOD lives here. In it we trust. Access news, updates, fixes, and more in a Reddit or 9Gag Style place open for everybody. Posting good quality content brings more rewards, with no other kind of registration required as everyone is equal here.


This Special ISLAND has 26 properties specially designed and reserved for owners! You can buy one or more in different combinations or design your own "condo" and customize it with a banner, sign, or any other image for all other players to view. Clicking on this image will take you immediately to your place and there is no limit to the types of properties you can design, buy or own – villas, mansions, even a CASTLE!) This presents an amazing opportunity to have a place which will gain reputation in time, as well as use to draw more visits to your profile, to make more LC or anything else you wish! You can even sell or rent it just like a real life property!


These are private properties with some interesting "lounges", intended for special gatherings and/or parties of intimate nature. Anything goes and only selected visitors can gain entry.


The IRON BANK of the ISLAND holds a big amount of Leon`s Coin. It is where users can make trades and accumulate interest on their Leon`s Coin as well as take advantage of opportunities for passive income.


The TOWER is where singletons come to mingle and match with other kindred spirits to share what the ISLAND has to offer together.


The AGORA, which is a social forum for everyone to use and enjoy.s


The ARENA, for contests is open to public access.


These dungeons can open up and take users to some interesting places waiting to be explored


The exotic “resorts” have different kind of “treats” to show and share with you.


The sanitary home offers extreme style fetishes like BDSM with lots of exciting surprises.


* Check our WHITEPAPER and website updates for info on other points which are being designed and developed. We welcome feeedback, ideas and comments to shape them, on our social media channels to continue improving Leon's Coin.

The mobile app,

desktop app

the Leon`s



* As our community continues to grow and be shaped by our users, LEONS Desktop App and Mobile App and Debit Card will remain subject to change in design,features and functionality.

"Little by little,

one travels far."

Leon Lambert Official Trailer Leon Lambert Official Site Leon Lambert Official Site Party Girl Fan Official Trailer Party Girl Fan Site Party Girl Fan Site Leon`s Window Official Trailer Leon`s Window Official Site Leon`s Window Official Site BackstageCamera Official Trailer BackstageCamera Official Trailer BackstageCamera Official Trailer Leon Lambert TV Official Trailer Leon Lambert TV Official Site Leon Lambert TV Official Site Leon`s Angels Trailer Leon`s Angels Trailer Leon`s Angels Trailer My Only Girlfriend.com Trailer My Only Girlfriend.com Site My Only Girlfriend.com Site MyGirlPlays Trailer MyGirlPlays Trailer Site MyGirlPlays Trailer Site Leonlambert.design Site Leonlambert.design Site Leonlambert.design Site Hottest Twerk Site Hottest Twerk Site Best Twerk Site Best Twerk Site Slow Twerk Site Slow Twerk Site Slow Motion Twerk Twerk TV Site Twerk TV Site Backstage Camera Site Queen Of Mallorca Queen Of Mallorca King of Mallorca King of Mallorca King of Majorca Game of Cums Game of Cums Edge Play Edge Play Edge Tease Edgingvideo Pre Cum Challenge Babes Challenge Babes Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pre Cum Challenge Pearl Thong Pearl Thong Pearl Tangas Leon Lambert Leon Lambert ibiza rox ibiza rox Leon Coin Leon Coin Leon Coin Leon Coin My Girl Friend My 2 Girl Friend My 3 Girl Friend My 4 Girl Friend My 5 Girl Friend My All Girl Friend My 2 Girl Friend My 3 Girl Friend My 4 Girl Friend My 5 Girl Friend Porn is Boring Porn is Boring sex sex sex sex sex sex Leons Car Leons Car Leons Panda Leons Panda Leons Table Leons Table Twerk-VR Twerk-VR Leon Coin Leon Coin Leon Lambert Selections Leon Lambert Selections Leon Coin Leon Coin Unicornia Unicornia Moon Live Moon Live Jennyjj Jennyjj Boobz TV Boobz TV The Island The Island Leonns World Leonns World No Panties No Panties whitepaper

LATEST NEWS - after 29 January 2018

28 March 2018

We have updated our White Paper as 2.02 Version with the PRE-ICO Conditions and many more features: www.leonscoin.com/whitepaper.pdf

26 March 2018

Our Private Sale site, www.leons.io has done its job and now as the PRE-ICO stage starts, we will be fully going on all the activities under our only official site: www.leonscoin.com, here. (leons.io site is now forwarding to www.leonscoin.com)

16 March 2018

Our Coin Sale / ICO site is open: www.leons.io - PRIVATE SALE STARTS ON MONDAY (19 March 2018)! Only a few days left and we are so excited about this. Join us on Telegram: www.t.me/LeonsCoinOfficial

14 March 2018

We have a lighter version of our WHITEPAPER, if you would like to have: www.leonscoin.com/wp_light.pdf (original version is over 170 MB and here: www.leonscoin.com/whitepaper.pdf )

9 March 2018

Our WHITEPAPER with version 1.93 finalized after many months` hard work. It will be updated with news and developments.

7 March 2018

Alan Tonetti is on board. Our new Advisor and Marketing & Communication Manager Alan Tonetti is here. He worked for Samsung at Rio2016 Olympics and he has been responsible for communication for some major projects at Expo2015. He loves the blockchain, Ico and numbers with a focus on building communities.

1 March 2018

Approved Officially: All Real Wild Girls Media Content with the latest (all 2018 and more, From Real Spring Breakers to Rockstars Babes, all authentic and original since 1999) and all DVD`s from the past will be available as in MP4 format for LEONS Ecosystem available, streaming.

26 February 2018

PyGama Party & FrontCamToken joins LEONS Ecosystem. The two will nolonger operate autonomously, hence, the two will be exclusively under LEONS Ecosystem. (www.frontcamtoken.com & www.pygamaparty.com)

23 February 2018

LEONS Wallet v0.8 design Completed

22 February 2018

Lola Lara`s joining the LEONS Ecosystem, and www.lolalara.com working exclusively with LEONS

20 February 2018

KISSES Coin joins LEONS Ecosystem www.kissescoin.com

18 February 2018

Chrissy-K`s joining to LEONS Ecosystem and her site www.chrissy-k.com working exclusively with LEONS.

14 February 2018

We have started working on a possible merger with KISSES TECH: www.kisses.biz / www.kissestech.com working exclusively with LEONS.

02 February 2018

We have started to investigate the possibilities to integrate the Real Wild Girls Media Content (more than 25 DVDs Spring Break Content) to LEONS Ecosystem


The LEONS (Leon´s Coins) grants exclusive access to the LEONS Ecosystem. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Token sale and become part of the first crowd.


Anyone can take part in the sale


Project Goal Equivalent to 9 Million USD


Sale Starts on 19 March 2018 00:01 AM PDT


The sale continues until the tokens are sold


LEON`S TOKEN does not constitute a security.


Issue Volume is 200 Millions tokens. No additional issue.

  • User acquisition (organic & M&A)
  • Personal compensation
  • Regulatory licence acquisition
  • Research & Development
  • Bank-grade security & code audit
  • IT team & Infrastructure
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance
  • External legal services
  • Blockchain engineering & testing
  • Other costs


If you’ve been using Internet, you’ve probably heard about BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, and cryptocurrencies.

What are digital coins?

Coins or alt-coins are digital assets issued by companies to raise the capital they need, using the mechanism of crowdfunding. Digital coins allow investors to actively participate in the development and growth of the projects they invest in. Coins are digital currencies sold for real money, which is used to fund the development of startups.

What are ICOs?

ICOs are a new way of funding startups by issuing digital tokens that can be traded online. They allow investors to participate in the funding round of a startup as well as offer some benefits for participation in the development of the startup.

“According to various reports, currently, the porn industry’s net worth is more than 100 billion. This money is enough to feed at-least 4.8 billion people a day. Every year, Hollywood releases roughly 600 movies and makes $10 billion in profit. And how much porn industry makes? 13,000 films and close to $15 billion in profit.”


The company, which is run by Leon Lambert, recently acquired two KISSES TECH and KISSES COIN, FrontCamToken and PyGama Party App, building a quickly-expanding ecosystem of over 30 already working websites with premium and exclusive adult content. Partnerships with Bravo Models, International Top Models and Real Wild Girls Media from Florida are guaranteeing a rapidly expanding world of fun and limitless possibilities.

What is the ISLAND?

The ISLAND will be the ground, where all the action will take place: www.theisland.live and all Leon`s Sites are already live: www.leons.world and accessible via desktop and mobile by this platform via Dapps (Decentralized Apps) and software pieces which intended to work together. Leon´s Coin (LEONS) is the official asset of The ISLAND and the whole ecosystem of LEONS

Who’s behind LEONS COIN?

We’ve assembled the strongest possible team to back up the creation and development of LEONS COIN – from Mr. Leon Lambert – an established name in the adult industry to model agencies with 30 years of experience in providing exclusive content in addition to solid legal advisors, blockchain developers, PR marketers and content writers. In short, we’ve got all the basis covered to make this a success.

For more details on the legal framework and technical details on the LEONS COIN platform, read the white paper: www.leonscoin.com/whitepaper.pdf.

Join the LEONS COINS Crowdsale and become part of our journey in remaking adult entertainment.

Become a part of the booming adult industry anonymously and start earning real money. Start supporting a real visionary and his team who’s bringing emotion, excitement and innovation into the field – check out www.leonlambert.com to follow all the projects and developments.

Join us ahead of the competition who can’t keep up with LEONS COINS’ vision. For any questions on how to invest, check out the help file: www.leonscoin.com/faq.pdf

Imagine a world where adult entertainment is truly anonymous for the participant, where the content creator benefits 100% from their work, and is built upon the decentralized backbone of the blockchain.

That world is here today!

At Leon's coin we are catapulting pornography into the next century. Using the best technology available to build a phenomenal system of comprehensive entertainment. Live your wildest fantasies, enjoy the most exotic pleasures and profit from the pioneering cryptocurrency platform for contributing towards its day to day running

Here we offer a unique opportunity for early backers - an investment in a lucrative economy that we will catalyze with cryptocurrency.

LEONS WALLET´s Alpha Design. The Wallet design and all software pieces, all related information will be updated on the site frequently.


Responsible company for all software and development of the platform.

Leon Lambert – Founder & CEO LL

Adult cinema legend, director and entrepreneur Leon Lambert is the Founder of Leon Lambert Company on pushing our platform and service to the next level of adult entertainment for a user experience that is unique, exciting and worth the ride.

Manunath Gopalan – CTO

Manunath is well-versed in smart contract development. He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, prodigious autodidact and ingenious problem solver.

Alexander Wolf – Strategy Consultant

Alexander Wolf manages Marketing and PR, making sure he spreads the word of how LEONS will enhance users’ experience in the adult entertainment field. He is also responsible for Branding and Web Development.

Alan Tonetti – Advisor – Marketing & Communication Manager

He worked for Samsung at Rio2016 Olympics and he has been responsible for communication for some major projects at Expo2015. He loves the blockchain, Ico and numbers with a focus on building communities.

Mykola Vdovychenko – Legal Consultant

Mykola is our go-to legal guy for all problems pertaining to IT, cyber and digital privacy. His interests include Blockchain and smart contracts.

Ombo Malumbe – Legal Consultant

Ombo is a legal specialist and strategist. He has extensive knowledge in Information Communication Technology Law; and Cyber Space and Telecommunication Law, which directly addresses cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

Denis Kapurov – Creative Director

Denis is responsible for the creative vision behind LEONS. As the Lead Creative Director of Ecosystem User Interfaces she brings a lot of qualities to the role she fills in terms of user functionality and interactivity.

Galina Mikova – Technical Writer

Galina is an experienced writer who’s worked with high-profile ICOs in the blockchain cryptocurrency field as well as adult site veterans like PornHub and KeezMovies. She has a solid background in FinTech and blockchain technology.

MechanistiX – The Web Agency for all

Our choice of agency for all things Product Design, End-to-End Pre and Post-Production, Ideation, Website Creation, Material Aid Development, Social Media Management, Video Production-related.


No promising ICO is complete without an equally attractive web design and unique development. Uniterrence brings to life any idea on the digital scene.


Bravo Models Media

An Adult and Non-Adult Video Photo Production and Erotic Model Agency with 30 years of experience in providing exclusive content.

Europe Top Girls

A stable and reliable partner of some of some of the biggest model agencies in the world. Specialized in delivering the best of the best models from Eastern European, Asian and other countries.

Bravo Cash

A Video production and Model Agency based in Prague with exclusive content and stars.

Real Wild Girls Network Media – Content Partner

From 1999, RWG Media is one of the content partners of LEONS and its all 25+ DVDs with fresh and original content will be available for LEONS Ecosystem when the platform first ready.


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